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In addition, Morris (95) and Morris and Parker (97) draw an unwarranted parallel between their calculations and radiometric dating.

Most of their “ages” rely on the assumption of constant rates for processes known to vary.

Radiometric dating, in contrast, is based on a process (radioactive decay) known not to vary significantly with changes in physical or chemical conditions.

This variability, of course, simply reflects the errors in the fundamental uniformitarian assumptions.Following an hypothesis he erroneously attributes to Sir Horace Lamb, Barnes claims that the magnetic field has been decaying exponentially since the creation of the Earth and calculates that the half-life of the decay is 1400 years.He then extrapolates the decay of the field backward in time until he arrives at the value for a magnetic star, and uses that time (8000 B.The principle of uniformity was developed in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, when geologists finally realized that the rocks and features of the Earth were formed by processes similar to those observable today operating over long periods.This was an important breakthrough in scientific thought because it meant that the Earth’s history could be explained as the result of understandable, natural processes, rather than unknowable, supernatural, catastrophic evens.

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An inspection of the reference lists provided by Morris (93, 95) and Morris and Parker (97) shows that most of the calculations were done and published by Morris and his colleagues.

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