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Their eldest son, Josh Duggar, works for the Family Research Council (FRC), one of 38 organizations designated as antigay hate groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

This fall, Jim Bob and Michelle and various little Duggars made appearances at campaign rallies for rabidly antigay, antichoice Republican candidates.

I honestly couldn’t see what was so vicious about my tweet, and as a Catholic, I’m prone to guilt and self-recrimination.There was a photo on the cover of Jill Duggar, one of Jim Bob and Michelle’s nine daughters, holding the hand of her fiancé. “Jill Duggar, one of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s 19 children, is engaged to be married,” wrote an anonymous Twitchy staffer. No, the guy behind the ‘It Gets Better’ campaign is much too busy obsessing over their virginity…Jill and her fiancé have chosen to wait until their wedding night to consummate their relationship.More than one said I was bitter because a nice girl like Jill would never marry a sad, angry man like me.Twitchy readers who knew I was gay called me a rude and filthy cocksucker and told me that I should leave the Duggars alone and stick to sucking rude and filthy cocks.

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And don’t marry evangelical or fundamentalist Christians, as they have higher-than-average divorce rates, according to a study conducted by private Christian school Baylor University.