Dating a libra scorpio cusp Hotsex uk

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Dating a libra scorpio cusp

Gemini represents the twins who may be able to turn in both directions, dealing with emotions on one side and logic on the other but "never the twain shall meet." Only if you can keep the two separated can they be dealt with.Cancer isn't really equipped to live with this two faced stranger." BULLIES — The Trotting Cow: The main characteristic of this cuspal creature is the one-pointed charge toward the object of its desire.The word "charge" is especially significant here, as this cusp rules credit cards. They make great lawyers and bank robbers, and are known for their perfected self concern.This may cause you to be restless and stressed out, not being able to really be comfortable in either of the roles you have been assigned until you are able to find the proper balance.

Gemini is highly mental but not to be pinned down about anything. Only, "isn't that interesting – and how about this?But with Gemini help, Taurus can add design to flower arrangements and horticulture. If Taurus can allow Gemini to cut loose and have some fun on a regular basis, Gemini can be brought back to settle down to some rather confining work, such as doing very clever planning.Taurus needs Gemini for planning and security, especially monetary security. If you are born on this cusp, you have to find a way to incorporate the nature of Gemini without putting it in a gilded cage and still find a way to feel secure when it is time to leave your comfortable rut and take a vacation not just a siesta.If it is the Sun, it is likely to give Aries more support.If it is the Moon, it may give Taurus more support.

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