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Since production began, small numbers of wood-cased spinet-style instruments were made for domestic use.

The early models sustain pedals actually attached through the side of the instrument, with the pedal eventually being connected directly under the unit in the late 1950s.One important role for the Wurlitzer piano was as a student instrument in school and college music labs, and non-portable console versions were made for this purpose.The teacher had a headphone and microphone to be able to listen into each student individually and talk to them without others hearing them. The earliest models were made in 1954 and the last model was made in 1984.The Wurlitzer piano is usually a 64-note instrument whose keyboard range is from A an octave above the lowest note of a standard 88-note piano to the C an octave below the top note of an 88-note piano.

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They were attached by an umbilical to a full size teacher piano with controls to feature each pupil piano.

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