Disabled dating lancashire

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Disabled dating lancashire

She is clear that, much as she loves her son, she is not capable of looking after him.

He is a large man who has severe fits which last for hours and he requires intravenous medication.

For the past 28 years he has lived and worked at Bystock Court, a residential home in Devon for 35 adults with severe learning disabilities.

He is extremely well cared for and has a happy and fulfilling life with all the support he requires for his complex needs.

She said: ‘The chap waffled, then said: “No, he wouldn’t have, but there are no three-year-old children living at Bystock.” That’s the insensitivity we are dealing with.It stated that changes in central government policy and to local authorities’ commissioning plans had resulted in the current provision of services becoming ‘outdated’ — a claim hardly borne out by the home’s recent Quality Care Commission report that rated it as ‘outstanding’. She is 70 this year, and had presumed her son would be secure in his home for life. Her brother Michael, 55, who has Down’s Syndrome, has suffered a similar fate with his care home — Blackerton, on Exmoor, which closed in 2012. E.) which was founded in 1966 by a generous man whose vision was of a community where people with learning disabilities could ‘live a semblance of normal life’.The home was run by a group called Self Unlimited (formerly known as C. I suspect this benefactor will be turning in his grave now.The owners promised residents that, ‘over time’, they’d be offered tenancies in ‘newly developed supported living services in the region’.But this meant huge upheaval for people needing stability.

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