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I just went with what seemed to fit, while still making the game somewhat amusing.A key source of inspiration for much of the game's dialogue comes from "The Fucking Question", a parody of the Ren' Py game "The Question". I asked a friend of mine, who had beta-tested before, and he suggested that I add more meta-jokes.Tendrás que decir si te quedas o te vas (son siete días en el juego, esto puede variar) y dependiendo con quien te relaciones mejor obtendrás el final._______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Por cierto todas las imágenes y música que verán las he sacado del mismo anime Este es unos de los poco juegos que esta en español, asi que disfrutenlo Ya esta disponible para su descarga, no es un juego hentai, solo un poco subido de tono.Feb 27, 2012 • 1,010 words • Kissxsis 0.9: Asumirás el papel de Suminoe Keita (¡quien no quisiera ser el!) y repentinamente tendrás una propuesta para estudiar lejos de tu ciudad.In the day of your admission is a young unicorn murdered.Show your best in the investigation of this difficult case. Jan 19, 2012 • 34,513 words • Buff Mc Manly is a jerk.

Laugh alongside him as he crushes the spirits of those who would try to impress him, give him odd looks as he makes questionable decisions, and nod your head in approval as he faces off against adversaries that would dare stand in his path of offensiveness!It's the 24th of December and you're staying home alone with nothing to do. You may notice some of the Ren' Py tutorial in the very beginning.This visual novel was initially called "firstproject", but was later renamed "Searching for Mio", then later to its current title, "The Petty Parody".An online version was build some times after, you can find it on the Home page.All the rules, results and report of the contest can be read here (french): 04, 2011 • 4,203 words • For shy, unassuming Angelica Dove, senior year started out like any other – until a chance meeting with sallow-skinned heartthrob Ephraim transformed her life into a tumultuous tempest of passion.

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But does a dark secret lie beneath those chiselled biceps...? Detective Zbyšek Claus is a brave dolphin who protects cute city Regenbogen from crime.

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