Questions to ask a church when candidating speed dating baltimore md

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Questions to ask a church when candidating

I think everyone should seek out this sort of self-evaluation, because it is usually easier to face your shortcomings with someone other than your senior pastor.

The process of looking for a new pastor can be overwhelming. Page, president and chief executive officer of the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee, addresses this task head on in his new book, . Page’s book centers around three key points of the process that serve as the committee’s cornerstone: prayer, discernment, and decision, as well as the ten questions that every pastor search committee should ask before, during, and after their search: 1. Scripture is a cornerstone of who we are as believers, so why not make Scripture the first place you go for wisdom on the process and decisions you make about the candidate? It is important to get to know your candidate well, especially if he has made it to the very end of the process.

As a minister of music (now worship pastor) for over 20 years, I’ll never forget these words: “I need a real minister—not the music guy!

However, musicians are infamously unable to take criticism.

Have a conversation with someone that you know will be honest, who cares for you and can be confidential.

What are the skills and qualities that a worship pastor should have? After all, you can’t lead or teach people to be excellent in something unless you yourself are excellent, right? Should worship and worship leadership be defined through a lens as narrow as music?

One thing that cannot be avoided is the fact that if the quality of music in worship suffers for too long, the worship pastor may be looking for a new job.

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Still other churches name and treat us as clergy, but do we take up the mantel of pastoring in a way that our congregations need and recognize?