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Sinspanking chat

this one is about someone who is not out but is a spanko in secret.For those who love their vanilla spouse/partner/significant other but they don't share your attraction to spanking... The idea of spanking personal ads has been around for a long time. There are a few others with ambitions that have come and gone.It could be a way of "flirting" without sending gay-ass "winks" to each other.Secret Spanko tip: If you're on one of these sites, it is (or was) possible to submit a profile pic that conveys (conveyed) lots of information without revealing your identity. I'm not greatly familiar with these kind of sites be gentle. Body worship (stocking worship a popular.) spanking chat sin and so i don't know things to write during these bits and so i can make it quick.I have been chatting in spanking chat rooms for over 10 years I was lucky enough in 2003 to have met and spanked two women that I met in the chat room we call SIN for short.

It used to be called SIN a/k/a Spanking Internet Network -I think.

but spanking chat sin not spanking chat sin we are able to cam or something like that before we meet [SMILE] [BR][BR]Seeking a guy who's Unbiased, if you do not understand what which means, then best you do not message me, however i need to be admired[BR][BR]my aspirations should be wanted, i'm fed up with not held[BR][BR]a guy to consider proper care of everything[BR][BR]other things is negotiable[BR][BR]so men, do not be i wont bite, well not hard Im unbiased and check out my best to tell the truth and to the stage.

I really like shagging, i've a little of the status to be simple and easy , i really like riding Dick, ONE Inserts AND BORING VANILLA MESSAGES Is Going To Be Overlooked[BR][BR]I'd prefer should you have had a photograph...

Once registered you may come back at any time, log in and place new adverts or change exisiting ones.

There is a direct contact facility for registerd users so your contact details are hidden till you reveal them.

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