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Insecure land rights, perverse incentives and violation of free, prior and informed consent (FPIC) are key underlying drivers of land use change and rights violations.

The report finds that existing Colombian legal and institutional mechanisms to apply the FPIC standard and prior consultation are defective, while mining, oil and gas concessions overlap indigenous forest territories throughout the region.

According to the report, deforestation is closely linked to road construction, while mining and oil developments act as poles of colonisation leading to urbanisation, land grabbing, militarisation, conflict and human rights violations.In addition the API documentation still needs porting over too.A lot of them we’re doing, but as this is an Open Source project, any and all contributions are welcome. It would make no sense to be developing a language that is Open Source and not having an Open Source web site and documentation.We worked by gradually porting all the old site from the previous platform to Jekyll.

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