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Updating disconnected datasets

If you have experienced this problem, please call Tech Support who will be able to help.JCS version 27.001.09 will no longer cause the error for users on earlier versions of JCS.Some users, with large datasets, have found that opening the Documents Register window for a client can be very slow.Some improvements have been made, which will speed up opening this window for all personal clients and for some business clients.

This functionality is not new but now the Open Clients or Cases page will indicate this behaviour by displaying "Personal Clients (FP)".In the Data Import Mapping page, a "Syntax error (missing operator) in query expression" error could occur when attempting to delete or verify a mapping if the Policy Reference number contained an apostrophe or quotation mark. Parmenion will soon be removing Client DOB and NI Number fields from their contract enquiry data feed. In the Data Import page, to assist in mapping to the correct JCS Client, the Parmenion Client Reference number will be displayed.Adviser Charges paid directly by the client and not linked to a case were not being handled correctly and were creating very large RMAR values in Section B.This issue was introduced recently with the addition of Section J.The TESSA and PEP lines have now been removed from the Financial Position section of the Standard Documents.

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When opening the Scheme Import Template for a group scheme, which had no members, a message could appear saying "Enter Parameter Value - Scheme Case Number." Clicking "OK" would make this message disappear and the blank report would open, as normal.

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