Whos diddy dating

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Whos diddy dating

Without even one of these things, deep-rooted boredom and frustration will strike.And for women, this is especially likely for several reasons.Because Bo was considered a minor in the US, where Derek could have been charged with statutory rape, they lived in Germany, only returning when Bo turned 18.Few believed the relationship would last, but they married in Las Vegas when Bo was 20 and stayed together until Derek's death from heart failure in 1998.But no, at nearly 53, Bo remains gloriously filler-free.'When you look at women who have had plastic surgery, they have lost something - usually an expression, something unique to their faces,' she says. I've always admired the women who didn't do it, so I have to keep reminding myself that I'm one of them and not the other.All of this results in millions of women wrestling with two mutually exclusive things: being who they want to be, and being what they feel they should be.They are trapped living a life that gives them little of what they need, and bears little resemblance on the outside to how they feel and what they want on the inside.

I'm not sure where this desire to portray ourselves as less intelligent than men comes from.

And who says 'thank you' when you unload the dishwasher? Most curious of all is something I call Dumb Mum syndrome.

Who gives you a pay rise when you do the laundry day in, day out? This is endemic in this country, and its symptoms include uttering such blood-boiling phrases as 'Oh, I can't do maths - it's too hard.

Who congratulates you on your excellent toilet-roll-replacing skills every day? Ask your dad' or 'I don't know anything about politics, but I like Sam Cam's handbags'.

This sort of inane comment is not reserved for mothers.

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No wonder the top three things women wanted to do, in the recent survey, were to go to an airport and get the next available flight to anywhere, emigrate, and tell people what they really think.

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